Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Survivor's Guilt

Massive cuts to my department this month and here I sit, miraculously saved.  I feel so grateful that it was not me.  And I feel ashamed for having the nerve to feel relieved when many of my colleagues are still trying to absorb the shock of what's happened to them and their families -- no one saw this coming.  These cuts were not about getting rid of dead weight and redundant positions either.  They were about shrinking the public service in favour of privatization.  Unfortunately many Canadians (at least the supporters of our ruling party) don't see it that way.  They've been brain-washed to believe that these cuts are about jobs and prosperity.  Less taxes, less government spending, less accountability, less services, less safety, health, education, environmental protection.   This government cut taxes to win votes and are conveniently slashing and burning the public service to pay for it.  It's a win-win for them and a big lose for Canadians.

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