Monday, November 25, 2013

Russell Brand

One of the most remarkable speakers of our time.  So much of what he says about humanity, culture, spirituality rings true for me.  Plus he is super *hot*.

Here are a few notes from a vid montage that I just watched:
  • I don't want that feeling in my stomach that I get when I know that people are being exploited.
  • We live in the realm of the senses.  But reality is beyond what we feel, hear, smell, touch, see (e.g. we can only hear within a certain decibel range, see within a certain spectrum of light); what if there are only energies out there that we are oblivious to?
  • we are just a blob of atoms within infinite space and eternal time; the physical body is not who we are
  • when we fill our head with superficial information (e.g. celebrity gossip) we forget about what's important
  • look within for the divine -- there is limitless potential for bliss through connection to other things
  • we overemphasize the individual: our culture promotes and rewards primal desires (greed, selfishness, lust)  which cause us to exist in opposition to each other and leave us exploitable by corporations
  • the self is a temporal illusion; by focusing on our individualism (which is transitory) we are losing the empathetic connection we have to the earth and to all living things
  • what's important are the things we all share -- love, unity, togetherness
  • I'm happy when I'm being nice to other people
  • the centre of your being is love, compassion, tolerance
So inspiring.  We all have the capacity for good and evil.  When I'm behaving selfishly (as I have been recently), I'm not only hurting other people, I'm hurting myself.  What I want most in life is inner peace which comes from compassion and love.

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