Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Should I stay or should I go -- the sequel

I thought I had my mind made up and then when I talked to my friends they bascially told me that I'd regret not taking this opportunity.  I think I need more answers.

medium-term goal: To be an IM Director in the next 3-5 years
What do I need to get there?  And can I acquire the skills and experience in my current role?

According to IM Director SofQs that I've seen, here's what I am missing (in no particular order):

1. real contracting and procurement knowledge and experience:  I need to know more about this than simply filling out forms.  I want to understand the various contracting options, what clauses and wording to use to get what I want, what to avoid -- basically, how to work it.

2. more HR knowledge and experience:  I've got three active staffing actions on the go which will include exams and interviews, so hopefully this will give me some more relevant experience

3. PM knowledge and experience:  we don't do this in my organization, at least not in a formal way; I don't need my PMP Cert., but I need to apply some PM discipline to my projects. 

4. policy development:  this happens to be one of my objectives for next year, so I know that I will accomplish this.  I just have to start it.  I want it to be killer too -- not a copy paste of another department's IM policy suite, but something that will work in my org.

5. business case development:  I do this in a minor way -- weigh options, make recs, analyze risk.  But I need to write a BIG BAD business case, -- will have to wait until the need arises

6. strategic planning  -- I do work planning but I want to write a strategic plan. What is our vision and how will we get there? I'm not particularly visionary, but I want to learn how to lead and do this. 

7. program design -- this falls out of strat planning; unfortunately we don't do this in my org, but we do elements of it (e.g. service standards, program eval); this one will have to be a longer-term goal

8. inter-departmental experience:  I'd like to do more of this, and not just attending meetings WG and COP either.  I'd like to add value by working on the development of government-wide products.

9. experience evaluating, conceptualizing, implementing new technologies (I haven't done this in ages) within our new infrastructure -- plus I have no idea how things work with SSC now.  However, now that I've expressed an interest, my manager is sharing more of this with me.  Can and should do more reasearch on my own.

10. solid knowledge of business processes, especially how things work at Central Agencies -- best way to learn this would be to just GO. However, I can and should start by reading and talking to others

11. CCC - my supervisors are committed to sending me on French training in the Fall

I went over every one of these today during an informal learning plan mtg.  It went really well.  So I guess that decides it ...

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