Saturday, August 9, 2014

I lost 5 lbs

Hard not to celebrate and am trying to take it in stride because it could all come back by the end of the week and I don't want to feel like a failure because I could not keep it up.  So just in case I need to do it all over again, I would like to know how and why I lost the weight -- it just sort of happened this summer.  Some thoughts:
1. got back into serious running, including speed work
2. became pescatarian and cut back on portion size as a result (only so much tofu I can eat)
3. cut back on late night snacking
4. got tired of avoiding my 2-piece bathing suit this summer
5. stopped drinking juice
6. I save my calories for desserts that are splurge-worthy (ice cream, no thank you)
7. my SIL lost a ton of weight and looks gorgeous

All of these are contributing factors, including the last one, which I am ashamed to admit.  But hell, if she can do it through healthy eating, so can I. Too bad I don't know which one of these factors was the main cause though.  D seems to think it was the juice -- says it's huge, which is great because I don't miss it at all, except maybe for cocktails.  Silver lining is that I have rediscovered beer -- so many great ones out there.
Interesting thing about weight loss is that the more I lose, the better I feel about myself and the more I want to keep losing.  ... which is NOT sustainable. 135 lbs was only 4 years ago afterall.  So I should just switch to a maintenance mentality and be grateful that my clothes fit and I feel great.  I should also feel great about what's on the inside.  I keep trying to de-emphasize physical beauty afterall.  My weight says nothing about the person I am.  Gotta keep reminding myself of that.

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