Tuesday, November 4, 2014

25 Things About Me

25. I'm a great coach;  love encouraging others to excel.

24. Being grateful fills my heart -- kept a daily list going for a year.

23. I both love and hate making things-to-do-lists.

22. I'm proudest of how decent my kids are -- three of the kindest, most honest, lovely people I know.

21. I'm a romantic.

20. Passionate people inspire me. 

19. TED talks are like foreplay.

18. I find it hard to relax and do nothing.

17. I love learning new things, as long as they are not too complex.

16. I'm a sucker for a pretty face -- male or female

15. I'm gullable like my old man. Someday I will lose a lot of money on a shady deal.

14. I strive for peace in my relationships.

13. Hugs and kisses calm me down.

12. I'm horrible at Eucre (most card games really).

11. Sugar is the nectar of life.

10. I love flavourful food (who doesn't) but feel silly that I called myself a foodie for so long (pretentious).

9. I love the endorphin high you get from strenuous exercise. Crazy addictive.

8. Sleep is overrated, but thankfully I fall asleep before my head hits the pillow.

7. I love the colour of my golden skin.

6. I keep adding to my bucketlist, but do not cross things off.

5. Acting out is my specialty.

4. Kaizen is my motto.

3. I daydream a lot.

2. Music moves my soul.

1.  Thanks to my Dad's youth gene, I will always look younger than I am.

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