Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Greatest Love of All

I've spent a lot of time lately blaming other people for my unhappiness. Why can't he love me the way I deserve to be loved? I show appreciation for his 'wonderfulness' everyday -- I want the same thing back.  Well why not just give yourself what you need D. That's right. Today I am going to adorn myself with love and gratitude. Big head alert. I'm the only one that can fulfill my needs and it's high time I take care of myself because it's all I've truly got.

I love you Diane because ...
you are witty - your FB posts really crack me up, your humour is a great release at work
you get things done - you can see the shortest most efficient path almost immediately and are able to multi-task like no other
you have great analytical skills - you can create a simple explanation to a complex idea; you know the right questions to ask to get right to the information you need
you are reliable - I can always count on your support
you are interesting - you can converse on many topics and are always interested in learning something new
you are a great mother - you love your children deeply, take your parenting responsibilities seriously and at the same time give your kids room to just be
you are responsible - you've got your shit together -- career, assets, RSPs, manageable debt
you are lovely - your skin, smile, long shiny hair, athletic figure -- you look good

... k ... I am starting to feel silly so I'll stop. But at the same time, if feels good to love myself. I'm always selling myself short, down-playing my achievements and shirking off other people's compliments. And it's been to my detriment. Because when you act like you are not deserving, people start to think that maybe it's true. Not anymore. No need to brag. I'll just keep it inside. Everyday there's something great to celebrate, even if it's just another example of what's already great about me. Lots of little hugs and kisses D.