Friday, December 2, 2011

Yoga pants banned

A local high school recently banned yoga pants (unless covered by a long shirt) because they are too revealing. What country is this, Saudi Arabia? These are pants. Granted, our butts look awesome, but they're still just pants. What's next? Covering your hair and face? WOMEN ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR HOW MEN REACT TO THEM. PERIOD. Nobody else seems the slightest bit outraged by this. In fact some of my liberal friends support it in favour of male teacher's rights??

The deeper I explored this issue, both with my colleagues and later with my partner, the more I came to realize that some men are very easily distracted by young women. And not just mildly distracted either --they are overcome, get stupid and can't focus. I can relate to being overcome with desire -- I've been boy crazy my entire life. But what I don't understand is the attraction with teenagers. Sure they are cute and have fresh limber bodies, but they are children on the inside. I don't look at teenage boys at all.  They are children FFS.  Why are men in their 30s, 50s, hell 80s still looking at girls ? Okay, men are visual and attracted by what they see. Thank goodness that I am attracted to people I have a connection with -- physical, intellectual, emotional. Intimacy is my drug. Tits and ass are his. We're different -- it's maddening as hell because I want him to be turned on by the amazing woman I am, not by how I look. My looks won't last! My partner will always be lusting after women who are a lot younger than I am. It's just who he is. Surely there's got to be a man out there who's turned on by a real women -- who finds a challenging mind, sharp wit and dry sense of humour sexier than young flesh? No, I am dreaming. I have never met this man. He is a women. I've got to stop trying to feminize men and ACCEPT. Most men don't act on their weaknesses after all. They can control their urges, they surf pornography and are discreet about their leering. Do I wish they weren't so turned on by strangers, sure? But it's completely unrealistic. What's important is that they know themselves and know how to keep it in check. So what about me? I've fantasized about practically every male co-worker I've ever had. That is worse because it could lead to something more damaging. But then again, nothing will come between me and my children, so I'm safe there. MEN! So frustrating.
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