Friday, March 11, 2011

If you can't see yourself doing this for the rest of your life, then the weight is going to come right back.

*Sigh* My plan to abstain for dessert until I reach my weight goal is really pointless. Because permanent lifestyle changes are the only way to get a hold of your weight. *Sigh* The bright side is that abstaining for a few days has shown me that:

I do have self-discipline (way down deep)
I snack on sweets way too often ... sugar addiction, perhaps?
I will appreciate dessert more once I finally let myself indulge

Dry periods are a good thing for me. However, it's more bipolar than healthy. I do not want my life to be a constant yo-yo. In addition to these tips that are still not entrenched, here are some other strategies I was reminded of today:
1. close the cupboard: I reach for little handfuls of snacks all the time without even thinking that they do in fact COUNT. Just walk away. It's difficult the first few times, but each one is a victory for self discipline.

2. say no to treats that are not 'splurge worthy': Sometimes I'll eat a dessert because it's just there, not because I really like it; the dollop of whip cream on my dessert that my MIL always offers me is not worth the extra calories -- save it for something heavenly.
3. keep checking to see if you are full: I don't do this. To stop eating when you are full would surely nix my eating problems. Even if I remember to do this 10% of the time, it's a great start.

I know what I should be doing, but can't seem to do more than bitch or blog about it. I guess if it was that important to me, I'd make it a priority.  Not yet there.

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