Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Warehouse Slavery

I'm reeling from a recent article I just read on sweat-shop labour in North America. Turns out that the low-cost, free-shipping convenience of on-line shopping is once again on the backs of the poor. Long hard hours, military-style humiliation-motivation, threats of dismissal if impossible-to-meet targets aren't met, no time off --it's so inhumane that I wonder why Americans would stand for it. But what choice do they have when their children are starving. There's an endless supply of people who are willing to work, no matter how bad the conditions. These are the only types of jobs available in this god-foresaken economy. Surely the mega corporations whose goods these warehouses stock can afford to pay their workers better? Technically they are not their workers. Hell no! Warehouses are operated by other arms-length companies and staffed by further removed temp agencies. Another brilliant business model to indemnify corporations of their responsibility to treat and pay people fairly. It turns my stomach. I will never buy anything from Amazon or the like again!

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