Monday, January 17, 2011

dolce far niente

'The sweetness of doing nothing', as told in the book 'Eat, Pray, Love' is meant to be the ultimate goal of working. Zoning out in front of the tube is not it -- it's about seeking pleasure, not having a plan, just 'being'. How incredibly liberating is that?
However, my first reaction was that time should never be wasted and that idleness is laziness. I could relate to the author's description of her Puritan work ethic -- "growing up, the walls were papered with to-do lists!" And the ingrained sense of guilt for not deserving happiness (hense the popular slogans : 'you deserve a break today' , 'this bud's for you', 'because you're worth it') really hit home. When the author tried to settle into the beauty of doing nothing, her urge was treat it like a task -- "how is pleasure most efficiently maximized?" OMG this is so me.
Neurosis, aside I'm beginning to appreciate the fine art of just going with the flow and not feeling guilty for not being productive.  This way of life is so healthy and utterly beautiful.... and within my grasp, if I just let it happen.

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