Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Change Management

I just had the most engaging discussion about change management at a fantastic cocktail party.  It was a riveting discussions that really inspired me --  I didn't want it to end.  Good thing he was not my type otherwise I'd have been a gonner.  Now I'm scrambling to write down everything this change champion told me about how change management works  ... here goes:

Change management requires visible leadership.  It's about communicating your vision, describing for people how life will be after the change and what the impact will be.  I know this to be true, because I'm a very visual person -- when I can see myself in the future, operating under the new way of doing business, and I can see myself happier and more efficient, I have bought into the change completely.

Change leaders knock down barriers to change.  They know why people are resistant and they're not afraid to address each barrier head on.  They challenge and cajole ... but in a way that's respectful and careful.  They are masters of persuasion.  I love people like this.

Change leaders lead by example.  They walk the talk.  They adjust their own behaviour first before expecting everyone else to change.  The DM of LAC does not allow paper in his office -- he is living the paperless office he wants his organization to adopt.  He's adamant about this. Brilliant.

Ahhh -- I never knew how much I loved changed management until I started talking to an expert.  This is an interesting field that covers psychology and business acumen.  I think I've found something new to be passionate about ... that is until the wine wears off!

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