Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Treasured Family Photos

Big family project looming overhead to scan/convert all my family pictures and slides. There are hundreds of photos crammed into tattered photo albums, busted shoe boxes and over-stuffed envelopes ... screaming at me to get started. The task is so daunting. Why can't I just get on with it? Perfectionism is what's paralyzing me. I want this to be perfect -- each photo carefully selected, all journals superbly written. I want this new family album to bring tears to my parent's eyes. And yet when I look through the photos of us staring at the camera, standing shoulder to shoulder, they don't even come close to capturing my childhood. The memories are all there in my head and I want so badly to express them in the most creative way I possibly can! This picture's an exception. While I don't remember this specific picnic, I do remember lazy Sunday afternoon picnics with my parents, a blanket and a bucket of chicken. We were outside, we were together, we were happy.
So how to get on with this? Baby steps. Start by scanning in the pics and just see how it takes shape from there. Trust your creativity. You can do this.

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