Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How do I ...

I've had it with our Intranet space and am doing a complete re-write of the content and architecture. Yet, I know that I am bound to come up against some major resistance from those on my team who love wordzzzzzzzz. Readers don't want to scroll through crap. They have a short attention span and want quick answers, so they can get on with doing their work.

How do I: ... organize my files
... describe my information
... handle personal information
... get rid of my files
... respond to this ATIP request
.... contact my IM Specialist
... get more training

Other than some basic info on who we are, what we can do for you and what's new, this is all we really need. Now, how do I .... convince the rest of the team that my solution is the way to do? Here's where my influencing skills need work. Maybe I should put it in front of a few end-users and share their feedback (which will be nothing but positive).


  1. Complete bust. Now I'm all sulky that my ideas were trashed and don't want to participate. Way to be a team player D!

  2. LOL well that sucks. I was going to suggest a nice medium sized container near the top with "how do I" and the quick links there, and then keep the rest as is to keep the others happy.