Monday, November 8, 2010

Things I wish I had time for

This recent posting from one of my fav blogs gave me clarity.

Why is it I spend so much time surfing, blogging, face-booking ... wasting time!

The things that I really want to do take time, seem daunting and may have a low probability of success. Often I need a quick fix -- I've got to escape from life for 10 mins -- just enough time to pop online and connect with my friends, pop culture, anything but my mundane existence.

But if I add up all these little breaks, I'm wasting a huge amount of time that I could be spending doing what needs to get done -- things that will give me HUGE satisfaction. I need to break up the big things into manageable chunks. I hate leaving things unfinished, which is why I never start, but I've got to make progress.

So here goes, a new 'Things To Do (instead of surfing)' list:

1. READ - where did I leave my book? if I go looking for it downstairs someone will see me and want something; I wish that I could pull it out of my butt whenever I wanted; even reading 5 pages is better than nothing .

2. FINANCES - it's daunting yes, but I should start looking at things like how much $ I need to cash out to prepare for our solar project, if we're caught up on our RESPs this year, if we can dump something on our mortgage, etc.

3. PURGE - I'd love to do a clean sweep, but it's not going to happen. How about the office closet for starters? The kids room is jam packed with toys they no longer play with. There's also a pile of broken toys that should just be pitched.

4. EXERCISE - why not just drop to the floor right now and 100 sit-ups, lunges or squats?

5. RESEARCH - ideas for Xmas, new recipes, teaching tips and tricks for skating, reading, piano, there's any number of things I've been meaning to look up but never seem to remember when I've hopped online.

I'll leave it at that for now. Am thinking that if I'm truly serious I should go on a FB diet ....


  1. OMG if you go on a FB diet I'll never know what you're up to! Unless you end up posting more blogs. More importantly, you'll never know what I'M up to LOL. I so agree with you on this though. I swear I waste 3 hrs a day doing stupid surfing stuff on the internet. Being self-employed has drawbacks: no one to look over your shoulder and tell you to stop fucking around. Which is also a good thing. But you know what I mean.

  2. Seriously -- I love FB for that. I feel way more connected to my friends. D thinks it's superficial but I'M the one in the know, not him. You're lucky you can use your time how you see fit. I feel really guilty for wasting time that I am being paid for. Say, we went to Town the other night. It was REALLY good. But the ambience was a bit bright, loud and tight (we were practically sitting with the ppl on either side of us). Order the short ribs if you go-- HEAVEN ... braised for 14 hours ... party in your mouth. We cried it was so yummy!