Sunday, December 12, 2010

Babies need to be HELD!

I don't like getting emotional and opinionated -- I just can't think or express myself clearly and I end up getting all railed up and both villainizing and insulting whomever does not share my view. Here's one such case. Babies are meant to be held -- not left alone for hours on end in their cribs, swings and other plastic baby holding contraptions. Constant human touch -- being carried during the day and slept with at night is what babies need to feel loved and secure. They will cry less when their needs are being met. They will be able to learn more as they get older because they are a part of everything you see and do. They will grow up to be more independent, intelligent, loving and social ... all because of human touch.

When I see a newborn lying helplessly in their crib, I can barely stand it. In fact, in most cases I just pick up the baby. It's such a natural instinct. I don't understand why some people still believe that you can spoil a newborn. They are so small for such a short time and holding a baby is so easy to do (especially with the plethora of baby carriers available today). There are plenty of years to screw them up with bad parenting -- why not start off by giving your baby your best?
I'm grateful that I can use this blog to get these kinds of things off my chest. Hopefully I'll be able to be able to choose my words better now that I've vented. I don't like judgy parents -- we all have our own style and it's not my place to preach. I know people who think my parenting needs improvement (and they are probably correct). But this one is so fundamental -- it's right up there with breastfeeding (if you can) and not hitting your kids. I'm going to try to be gentle in my approach if I have a prayer at influencing my loved one's behaviour .... this is SO not my specialty! Just gotta do it though.

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