Sunday, December 19, 2010


By all means, just stay healthy. It's the one thing my partner and I expect of each other because the minute one of us is down, everything falls apart at the seams. Sickness can't be helped for the most part, but then there are certain common-sense precautions that lazy people like myself tend to ignore when we're busy stressing out about every stupid pre-Christmas commitment, as I look at the smattering of used Kleenexes on the floor of my office...
This winter is not off to a good start. And I keep signing us up for more shit too -- like hosting parties and baking cupcakes for the needy (who will probably get sick and die in the streets, thanks to this head cold).  Here's a great idea to help counter the urge to do more -- play it out in your head -- how is this likely to ensue, is this a good move for my family, no? then FORGET IT. Move on, let go of your disappointment, stop trying to be Super Woman for fuck's sakes, it is not worth the stress. I've got to learn how to think like this BEFORE I say yes. This year was bad, next year will be better.

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