Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm the boss

Finally, a chance at the job I am perfectly suited to. Hurray, my dreams have come true!! So why am I miserable? It's over-whelming and I don't know where to start. Part of me wants to start from the start. What is our mandate and our objectives. This will set our priorities. K, but then I can see too few staff aimlessly working on big loosely defined projects. But what about those urgent tasks that hijack our projects.  Maybe I need to track these to stay on top of the work that's actually getting done. Sadly, this inability to focus has become a way of life for us, including myself who used to be the productivity master. How can I help us achieve? My day has finally arrived and I haven't a fucking clue to lead us to victory. Part of me wants to have daily scrums with the team -- name two things that you will accomplish today. That's it, just two things. But then part of me feels we need a break from micro-managing. The team doesn't need more interruptions from me nor do they need to keep providing status updates. Frig! I have to trust that they know what they are doing and empower them to make their own decisions instead of making them ask for permission all the time. It's been years since any of us have had a normal work life and I'm worried that it's too late. My worst fear is that nothing will get done and my dream of making a difference will be just that, a dream. I think I have to follow my gut on this one. We will complete three things this month. We will work together. We will measure our progress. We will succeed!


  1. You got a promotion!? YIPPEEEEE! You can do it! Looking forward to hearing (readin) your progress with this!

  2. Just acting for a month. It's actually making me appreciate my old job more. I get 10x more email now and still nothing really gets done!