Friday, April 15, 2011

Why I'm not voting for the Cons

Integrity, accountability, transparency, DEMOCRACY. These words mean something to me. I consider public office a high honour -- we give our government the privilege of serving our interests and yet with the Harper government, he only serves the interests of his party and their rich, right-wing, religious zealots. Ignatieff was right this week when he said that Harper shuts down any form of dissension. Muzzling government officials, refusing to provide access to government information, misappropriating public funds, vetoing bills in the Senate, lying to parliament. The list goes on and on. This is not democracy. This is not my Canada. And still the polls remain unchanged. I heard on the CBC that scandal means nothing to voters unless it's a sex scandal or results in profiteering. This boggles my mind! Millions of people put their lives on the line for democracy all over the world and all we have to do over here is simply VOTE -- send the message that democracy matters. Wake up Canada!


  1. Hey Di, do you mind if I link to this post on FB? I won't if you don't want (then I'll just copy/paste as a note LOL). I totally agree with you, and you worded it wonderfully.

  2. I'm flattered Steph, but it's nothing most ppl haven't already said. I was waiting for someone to pull together all the shit the Harper government has done and serve it up as a good reminder and thankfully there are many to choose from -- you've no doubt seen -- there's also this one, which has a lot of the points on the environment which you helped me remember, not to mention all the awesome NDP and Liberal ads. Eventhough I'm out here in the blogsphere, I'm not ready to go 'public' on FB yet ... too much neurosis related to my relationships and 'depression' that I'd rather not share with certain ppl, if you know what I mean. But please feel free to copy/paste freely. I'm still amazed when I hear ppl talk about giving Harper a majority so we can avoid another election\, or like you said "because he is doing a good enough job" WTF!! Sadly conservative supporters are a committed bunch. I read a study that said "Their supporters are by far the most loyal from the last election, the most likely to have no other choice, the most like to be certain to vote, the least likely to change their mind and the most enthusiastic about their choice,"
    On a brighter note, a university-aged friend of mine caught all my posts and rants on FB and said that I managed to convince him to not vote for the Cons, whoop! So at least I got to someone. Fight the power Babe. xx

  3. I've got AT LEAST 5 friends on my FB list that seem to be leaning towards the Cons. These people are MOTHERS. I don't get it.

    No worries, I won't link. I'll give it a good copy/paste when I get a chance though! LOL