Friday, July 9, 2010

Dig It

My partner will be playing at Hope tomorrow and I'm ashamed to say I can feel the green-eyed monster's shadow at my back. Sadly, it seems to be an 'Arms Race' with us when it comes to kid-free activities. It not only hurts our relationship, but kills the fun the activity is supposed to bring. When it's my turn to go out, I can never really enjoy myself knowing that my partner is stuck at home with all three kids, resenting every minute of it. We should know better -- time to ourselves is essential to keeping our sanity. We should be supporting each other rather than keeping score. Time to dig deep.

Dig deep in the sand .... ohhhh the memories. Ten years ago I was at Mooney's Bay three times a week diggin' it up. I would lose myself in the game.

...The sun, starting to set, low over the water and in my eyes that would burn as sweat ran down my face. My body, caked in sand -- a salty shake 'n bake.

I played a lot of mixed VB which meant that I got to set the boys which was the best part of the game. Trying to save a shitty pass and turn it into a perfect set meant that I had the privilege of being a part of every play. And then to just sit back and watch him SMASH it down. Beauty. I loved the feeling of serving it up just the way the hitter wanted it. Mark, short and quick, Rob, high and tight. Oh Rob Swan, such strength and grace. I would marvel at him fly through the air high above the net and put her down the line. There was never any ego, he even looked surprised with himself and he always thanked me for my sets. Plus the fact that he was crushing on D made him even more adorable. :-P

I know it won't be the same experience at Hope as the old days on the beach, but I'm going to suck it up and sincerely hope that D has a good time of it. And that means being supportive instead of jealous. I can do that.

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