Thursday, July 22, 2010

You have the letter of the day

Just one of the small things I'd like to accomplish in my lifetime. Whenever I hear Jian Ghomeshi on Q read his mail, I'm in awe of the writing style. Unfortunately there aren't many topics that move me enough to sit down and write a response. Plus I'm chicken -- would hate to put my heart and soul into a letter that doesn't even get read let alone is the 'letter of the day'. *Sigh* My writing sucks. This blog is supposed to be helping ... of course when I use works like 'sucks' or drop the f-bomb like I do, it's no wonder that my writing has not improved since high school.

So, how to do it? I'm reading more, does that really help? About a year ago, I started keeping a list of phrases that were worded well. Maybe a writing course? I'd love to have my own online editor. I'd pay for a service like that. I dread getting my colleagues (or worse my partner) to proofread my work. They probably think -- "Jeesh, could this be any more wordy and awkward? ACTIVE VOICE for fuck's sake D! Where did you go to university again?" A pay-as-you-go editing service must exist, it's worth investigating. In the meantime, I still have a half lifetime ahead of me to fulfill this goal. Baby steps (yes, I know this is not a full sentence).

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  1. *gasp* I think you just found your million dollar idea!