Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How golf is helping me become a nicer person

It's a sport like any other but for some reason learning the etiquette has really helped me overcome some of my not-so-attractive selfish ways.

Here are some examples:

- removing and replacing the flag for everyone
- not walking on some one's putting line
- remaining silent and still during someone else's shot
- letting someone else go first
- making sure I'm ready to play when it's my turn
- taking notice of where someone else's ball landed
- helping someone else find their ball
- keeping score for everyone
- not offering golf advice even when asked, but when insisted up, very sparingly
- not taking more than one practice swing
- being patient when other players take lots of set up time
- resisting the temptation to cheat
- not gloating when I'm playing well
- keeping it together when I'm playing poorly
- being patient when the course gets backed up

there's definitely more that I'm not thinking of. For people like my partner and for some of my golfing friends, these things come naturally. I hope to get there someday, but I will need practice until it's automatic. I'm so grateful for these learning opportunities and for having such inspirational people in my life. FOUR!

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