Monday, August 1, 2011

What drains you?

Putting up and putting off -- these two acts are what drains us the most according to the book Take Time for Your Life. I always thought that having a 'To Do' list would allow me to be more efficient with my time. However what inevitably happens is that it's a reminder of what I am not doing. Even the innocuous tasks that don't require much effort, when left ignored act as a tiny sieves of your energy. I can choose to take action, bit by bit or re-prioritize. 'Someday' is not a bad thing as every task cannot be high priority.
The same goes with putting up with difficult people -- the needy friends, the negative co-workers, the depressed family members. They put chinks in your armour which wear you down. Unfortunately these can be harder to deal with. But it's not impossible. Emotional barriers help. Letting others know what your priorities are works too. Last night I reminded my partner that time alone to read was important for me to wind down before bed. It's not something I'm always consistent with, so I understand his confusion, but I'm making it a priority. I can also eliminate tasks that drain me by committing to fewer things that suck my energy and give me little joy in return. It means that I may have to let go of control and just get a house cleaner. But I think it will restore my energy which will make everyone happier in the end.

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