Saturday, May 8, 2010

Comfort me with Cabernet

"As I raised the glass to my lips, I stopped. The aroma of the wine rushed out to meet me, and all the smells that I had ever known fell away. ... I moistened my lips with the wine and drank it slowly, letting it coat my tongue and slide from one side of my mouth to the other. The brunello trickled down my throat and out along a thousand fault lines through my body, dissolving them. My second glass tasted like a sigh at the end of a long day: a gathering in, and a letting go. I felt the fingers of alcoholic warmth relax the muscles at the back of my jaw and curl under my ears. The wine flushed warmth up into my cheeks, down through my shoulders and across my thighs." (Natalie MacLean).

OMG! I love words that move me. I must have had a lover in a previous life that was a writer -- a man who wooed me with his prose. I marvel at those who can really write. What an amazing ability to be able to express your passion and capture the hearts of others with simple words. I should start collecting passages like this in a separate blog so that I can get drunk on them. Speaking of drunk, the $7.95 Fusion that I'm drinking at the moment is no brunello, but I'm enjoying it's comfort after a full day. My brood is asleep now, my favourite time of day. The quiet darkness of a Saturday night sooths my soul. Alright, I'm not a writer :-). But I really appreciate the craft.

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