Friday, May 28, 2010

DIY Dread

Lately, I find myself thinking "why pay money for this, I can just make it". Problem is, I'm not particularly industrious -- my skills and experience are limited. I also have a fear of things that look homemade. Just look at these outfits my Mom sewed for my sister and cousin -- they scream homemade! The saying "if you want something done right, then pay someone else to do it" exists for a reason. I can spot a DIY a mile away. There's nothing worse then spending a shit load of time and money on supplies to make something that looks like a dog's breakfast. Worse is the shame in having to show it to someone else -- "yeah, I made it myself". However, its those rare times when you've worked hard, saved a ton of money and pulled off something you can be really proud of that are so seductive. The high gives you the confidence to tackle any project. Unfortunately, these moments are few and far between.

The other motivator is my desire to be self-sufficient. My dependencies make me really anxious. Nothing lasts, so there's no point counting on anyone or anything. "Do self" is the key to survival. So when an opportunity presents itself, it's hard to resist the challenge. With each skill I acquire, I move that much closer to moving away from the establishment and closer to freedom. K - I've got my head in the clouds here.

I guess it's a matter of balance and priorities again. My 'voice of reason' would say -- yeah, you probably 'could' make this really cool thing, but something else would have to suffer. Is it worth the stress? No. Add it to the list. Accept that it might sit on the list for another 15 years. Someday is okay.

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