Saturday, June 4, 2011


At what point does having an opinion become preaching your own dogma? I worry about this because I enjoy sharing my viewpoint on a topic but I don't want to come off as being opinionated or preachy. A senior colleague of mine told me yesterday that when people won't re-assess their views when presented with new evidence, there's no point even consulting them anymore. Yikes! I don't want that to be me. Is it too late?

I also worry about the effect it has on my kids. My last post on teaching my kids about consumerism has got me thinking about it. I don't want to send them the message that they have to conform to my views.  This is how I was raised. I want them to develop their OWN opinions.

A good friend of mine is quite good at keeping personal opinions in check. Wait to be asked. Don't be offended if someone's opinion is contrary to your own. Rather than defend your own views, ask questions and use the opportunity to educate yourself on the other side. This will either help you adjust your opinion or solidify it. People will respect you for it and if they are appreciative of your respect for hearing their side, they might want to do the same and hear your views. I suck at this! I get too emotional about my opinions. I identify myself with my beliefs. And I think people with opposing viewpoints are misinformed -- they are just wrong -- wrong and stupid. :-)

Again, this is something I can work on. When I see the dogma in others, it makes me even more aware. Using my friend's approach helps too. This I am grateful for. Climate change deniers, NeoCons, Pro Lifers .... bring it!

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