Monday, October 31, 2011

Be careful what you wish for ...

The day has finally come, my manager is moving on and I will likely be moving up ... or at least sideways. Change that I've been praying for is here. So why am I not relieved? I feel like shit. I feel anxious. There are no more excuses. I have to make this work -- my neck is on the line. It was so convenient to have a scape goat before. It's awful, but true. I'm scared shitless and just want to hide under my desk.
K, I know I can do this. There's no other way to move then up, which is great. It would be even more challenging to have to fill big shoes. I know I can motivate the team to achieve great things. It's just so fucking daunting. Bleh.
Good lesson here to be careful what you wish for!

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