Monday, October 3, 2011

I want ...

Unfortunately I haven't quite learned my lesson that 'wanting is bad'. The line is often blurred between wants and needs and I end up accumulating so much useless shit that I end up hating myself for wanting it in the first place. A good friend of mine suggested listing your wants and letting them simmer to make sure that they are true wants instead of consumerist impulses. We all need 'things' to some extent. I just need to make sure I'm buying things for the right reasons, not because I expect them to addess a void that cannot be filled by things.

So here goes, what do you want D?

1. organization: I need better ways to organize my life. "A place for everything" means I am not wasting my day turning the house upsidedown and yelling at everyone because I cannot find my head. In my mind, there is a landing station for mail, homework and charging devices. It has both form and function. I have already wasted a lot of time trying to find this organizational panecea and the DIY one pictured here is definitely not it.

2. scrap books: I need to carve out some time to just DO THIS. My sister's forever showing off her photobooks, I should just hand her a USB stick and $200 and be done with it. Problem here is that I want the joy of accomplishing this, yet I have no artistic abilities. I also want this to be publisher-quality, not windows clip-arty.

3. a professional wardrobe: I just need a few select pieces that will transform me from office scank to sophisticated go-getter. Problem here is that I'll end up buying uncomfortable suit jackets and other dry-clean-only numbers that will just collect dust in my closet. Again, I want something that doesn't exist.

4. I can't think of anything else that I want, except for love, respect and rommance. But alas, even if I had them I'd probably want more.

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