Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm just glad it's over

Those are the words my 7 year old uttered when I asked him how Hallowe'en went at school. He was so jazzed up about his Willy Wonka costume, only it was lame (essentially a bathrobe, top had and goggles) and no one knew what he was and it broke my heart to see his disappointment. I want Hallowe'en to be one of his favourite days of the year. But it was a good lesson nonetheless -- a tough lesson that we've all learned. Life is full of disappointments. Don't look forward to something too much because you will be let down. Homemade costumes suck. K, well maybe not the last one. But putting yourself out there is risky. My boy did not want to just put on a pre-made costume, he wanted to be creative. And for that I should be proud. They are showing more and more independence every day. I'd love to shelter them from disappointment, but it's better to just let them fly (and crash a little). Next year I'll just help him out a bit, but not too much.

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