Saturday, October 22, 2011

Time for some gratitude

Money, I never feel like we have to sacrifice and for that I am eternally grateful. I don't need to take a part time job delivering pizzas to pay the bills. We're both at the top of our game and we're living within our means. Thank you universe. When my partner starts complaining about how behind we are compared to our peers, I just ignore. Those financial magazines want you to despair about your future so that you'll buy their shitty investments. No thanks. We're doing great.

My kids are sweethearts. Yes, I know all parents feel this way about their offspring. Unlike my parents, I can say that I really love them for who they are, not for what they achieve. Yesterday when my 7 year old was wrestling in our blankets with his sister, he told my 2 year old "feel free to join in anytime you want." It warms my heart when they are nice to eachother without prompting. I'm very proud and very grateful because I don't think they learned this from my partner and I. In fact at times, they are my example of kindness. I'm grateful for that too.

Music. K, it's not something I'm typically grateful for, but I've found lately (especially when working from home) that it really helps stabilize my mood. It lifts my spirits, inspires many family kitchen dances, keeps me running when I'm ready to stop, puts me in the zone for work and does wonders in the bedroom :-P. Music nurtures my soul and I'm grateful for having expanded my musical taste in the past three years. I look forward to discovering much more great music.

Wow, that was fun for a Saturday night!

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