Monday, October 3, 2011

Get a maid, save your marriage

I feel like everyone I know, save my parents, has a housekeeper. With three young kids, how can you not? is the reaction I typically get. The cost is my main prohibitor -- $120 is a new pair of shoes. I work really hard to pinch pennies. How can I justify paying someone to do something I am just too lazy to do? It's not like I'm doing hundreds of hours of volunteerism, studying for my masters or training for a marathon with my free time. I will likely waste more time watching TV and surfing if I don't have to clean. Plus I will unrealistically expect the house to be spotless if I am paying someone to clean it. Then again, it will get done and my partner and I will stop resenting each other for not doing their part. He certainly helps with the day-to-day dishes, sweeping, tidying. But the big jobs get neglected by both of us, until it gets embarrassingly bad.

What to do? I'd suggest giving it a 'try' but unfortunately once you go there, you just can't go back. Perhaps if I try to prioritize and organize my time better, I will feel less guilty for how I'm using my free time and feel more deserving of a housekeeper.

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