Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Getting a Job

I attended a workshop on landing the perfect job the other day and although the material was not earth-shattering, I realized that I spend way more time whinging about not having a great job instead of just preparing for the job I want. For example, I've never sat down and asked myself "What is the most interesting and unique thing about me that will allow the assessor to see how I will contribute?" I know what my strengths are, but I haven't practiced my zinger response.

Here's another thing I learned --going into an interview, I'll know that I'll be asked to answer a 'tell me about a time' question. And yet it always takes me by surprise. I should have a list of stories to pull from that can apply to many typical situations -- difficult client, changing requirements, competing priorities, etc. And from what I recall, my answer rarely covers how you're supposed to tackle those questions: 1. explain the situation 2. describe your role 3. state your actions 4. provide the result. Makes sense. I should really think about having a few of these ready, the next time that I interview (which has been over a year now sadly). I love practicing -- sports, hobbies, even work scenarios. I may not have my dream job just yet, but I can have fun practicing for it.

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