Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Field Games

My son came home from school today bursting with excitement -- it was his first time playing Field Games. OH YEAH! I used to LOVE those days.

First of all, there was no classroom work -- you got to be outside the entire afternoon and it wasn't even gym class. And then the games -- a whole circuit organized around the entire field. You didn't know what kind of race you'd be doing until you got there, but you knew that you'd get a chance to play them ALL. The big kids would explain the rules -- ahhhh, I remember being in awe of the older kids -- they never talked to us before and here they were asking me what my name was, helping me and cheering me on. Awesome. I remember I'd get so nervous waiting for my turn -- I'd look across to the opposing line-up and hope to gawd I'd be up against someone just as un-athletic as myself. Big sigh of relief, wait, oh no, the other team was ahead, now you'd be up against their ringer! Never mind, the challenge of carrying the soaking sponge to the pail without wasting a precious drop was all I had to focus on. And then race back, slide-tackle in the grass to the end of the line. I'd look across the field to see what looked like the most fun -- for me, it was always the dress-up relay. You'd get to put on the silliest clothes and just run. Man, was that fun. Who can forget the sound of the horn that would tell you to move to the next game? And that McDonald's orange drink -- BOOYEAH! Gimme some of that syrupy goodness.

Ahhh, I still love party games. Too bad most adult parties are just about making small talk. Maybe I'll mix it up a bit at my next soirée? Or maybe not. Getting to hear my son talk about how much fun he had today was the real treat.

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