Monday, June 21, 2010


Nothing says 'I love you' more than a packed lunch. In a few weeks, two out five of us are going to need packed lunches during the work week and I'm starting to have major anxiety about it. But rather than get all deflated, I know that if I work it into my routine and make sure I have the right ingredients on hand, I'll have enough time to turn out healthy, tasty, varied and litter-less lunches for my wee ones. I might even make lunch for myself, instead of shoving a tablespoon of peanut butter down my throat with a couple saltines (no, I don't even spread the PB, I am THAT lazy).

I love it when someone makes my lunch for me. It's such a treat! Doesn't have to be fancy -- PB&J will do. What an incredibly sweet gesture. Oh, and it tastes SO much better than when I make it. I feel guilty that I never appreciated how many lunches my Mom made for me -- right up until I was 22. I even complained about sandwiches. GAWD, I would give anything for a one of my Mom's lunches. In fact on the rare days that I have the car, I try to make some kind of excuse to end up at my parent's house for lunch. As soon as Mom hears me pull up, she's in the kitchen whipping up my lunch. Ahhhhh. Just thinking about it is making me really hungry.

Not that I am a Frugalista, I've got to get in the habit of making my own lunch. I used to pay a Lunch Lady to do this for me. They were TO DIE FOR -- salads, mains and homemade desserts made from vegetarian local fresh organic ingredients -- all packaged in the cutest bento boxes. Check it out. Well, I can't afford $12 for lunch these days, so I will have to go on my own. I won't set myself up for failure. This will require a bit of planning. I know myself -- I'm all gangbusters at the start, braggin' about my AWESOME lunches and then I get PMS or get into a fight with my spouse and it's off the wagon. I accept that this might happen. But I will keep trying. It's bound to stick. I have no choice but to feed my children, what's one extra bologna sandwich anyway?

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  1. I'm like this with coffee. It's always better when someone else makes it!!