Friday, June 25, 2010

♥ Mark ♥

Mark McEwan is the bomb. Every time I watch his show "Heat", I feel like leaping into the TV, throwing on an apron and cooking up a frenzy with the rest of his staff, and I'm not even a chef.

He is such an inspirational leader -- someone who believes in his employees, has a vision and sets the bar high. I would LOVE to work for someone like this. I would never dread going to the office, I would just lose myself in my work, I'd feel like I was valued and that my efforts were making a difference. Is this possible without working for someone as great as Mark McEwan?

In my fantasy I am working really hard in his kitchen when he whizzes by, gently touches me on the shoulders and sincerely asks me it there's anything I need. I blush, show him my canapes, he nods approvingly, gives me a few pointers to make the process even more efficient and hurries on his way. I have renewed energy, I feel alive, I can't stop. THAT'S what I want out of life.


  1. Your fantasies are weird. Mine involve Keanu Reeves and some hot and steamy action.

    *I do like Mark McEwan though, he's pretty fab*

  2. LOL! So you're still lusting for Keaau. Too funny! He's definitely aged well :-P. I like the success that Mark McEwan oozes, but those kind of alpha males usually aren't great lovers. While I'm definitely attracted to men with long hair, Mark's spent a bit too much time at the tanning beds for my taste. The men in my fantasies are artsy, bohemian types -- gentle and attentive lovers. Say, I've been dabbling with some erotica ... look for it in my bog soon!