Wednesday, August 4, 2010

50 Things to do before I die

Yes, the mother of all Things To Do Lists. It's been a lot of fun dreaming up this bucket list the past few days, although some were stolen off the web. Personal development and humanitarian goals are not included (there's already too much of that in this blog anyway). Also missing are about a dozen sex-related items because I'm too shy to put them out there for all to see (perhaps after a few glasses of wine). Will I ever get to do these? Maybe half if I'm lucky. In no particular order:

1. Jump off the high dive at C.U.

2. Sky dive

3. Be the letter of the day

4. Bake really really good bread

5. Cook a gourmet 7-course meal for at least six people

6. Run a marathon

7. Pass my gold dances in figure skating

8. Play Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata

9. Write a song

10. Be a guest speaker at a large conference (key note would be even more amazing)

11. Visit Prague

12. Climb Manchu Picchu

13. Sit on a jury

14. Write a book

15. Spend a night back-country camping, BY MYSELF.

16. Grow a big garden

17. Surf/para sail/wind surf somewhere really dangerous

18. Scuba dive somewhere really cool

19. Go up in a hot air balloon

20. Have a repetoire of over 50 contemporary piano songs played from memory

21. Snowboard

22. Knit a sweater

23. Learn to draw

24. Canoe/kayak whitewater

25. Sail my own boat somewhere exotic for at least 21 days

26. Create a kick-ass scrap book of my family's history

27. Be an extra in a film

28. Eat at an expensive trendy NYC restaurant

29. Read all 100 of the best novels of all time

30. Have dinner with someone famous

31. Own my own business

32. Do a triathalon

33. Homestead for at least six months

34. Get a hair and make-up makeover

35. See all 100 of the best movies of all time

36. Organize a big event (at least 1000 people)

37. Add more things to this list ... I can't believe that I can't think up more. Guess I've done a lot already. :-)

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