Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Just looking at this recent posting on Gentle Discipline and I realize that a lot of my parenting woes stem from a lack of creativity. I'm feeling this in other areas of my life too, namely at work. I need new ways to solve the same old problems. Give me a creativity boost please! I miss not having a muse nearby.

It's easy to let creativity slip away when you're so focused on the routine of mundane chores. Luckily there are little ways I can inject some creativity back into my life. Here are some ideas off the top of my head:

Read - something poetic and inspiring ... not just the relationship, parenting and pop-culture easy reads I gravitate towards

Draw - my son is showing a keen interest in drawing cartoons and I think it'd be fun if we drew together; I know that I suck, but what the hell?

Photography - I don't have the eye for taking my own, but appreciate it fully. I could gaze at beautiful photos all day; they move me to no end.

Dance - time to get off the couch and feel the music with my kids; health benefits are bonus!

Piano - I'll start with 10 mins a day and accept that initially it will be painful to endure, but I might start to enjoy it again

Cooking - why not invent a new dessert? I'd like to try mixing sweet and savory (e.g. chocolate + salt); it'll be fun and tasty.

Sex - I'll spare everyone the details, but my mind has been wandering lately and I think it's time I put some of my ideas into practice

Alright, now that I have a plan to be more creative (how flippin' ridiculous does that sound), I can feel it already starting to happen.


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  2. Wasn't sure where to start with the photos and remembered that as bizarre as this sounds, I quite enjoy the pics ppl post on the WeatherNetwork site. Not exactly art, but I love that they are local -- "hey, I saw that sun set too", "OMG, is that really Ottawa?"

    Also realized that I've been missing my daily dose of Radio One. Caught Q today on my day off and am feeling much more centered. Always the right balance of culture, politics, human interest, business ... luv you Gian.