Sunday, October 10, 2010


K - I still haven't logged off but I needed to rant just a little bit more while I have a buzz (this after having just posted a promise to not complain for three weeks which is nullified if alcohol is at play btw).
I'm startng to have i-Phone envy thanks to all the buzz about apps I'm exposed to like this one for finding recipes.
I used to love to gnaff at ppl who'd spend upwards of $100 for their cell phones each month to call whom exactly? I have a cell phone and I never use it. I don't text, I just don't feel the need to stay in touch when I am on the road. I like not being reachable. Freedom, baby. I'm never away for more than an hour and I do let the people who need me know where I'll be. It's just fun now and then to be able to pretend that I have no responsibilities.

But now I feel like I'm missing something. Arg! However cool these apps are, it's still not worth the expense, right? Financial independence. I can't forget that. Say no to the toys D. Just say no.

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  1. If it's just the apps, then don't bother. We have an iPad, and some of the apps are fun (including the epicurious one), but really I could do without. Once the novelty wears off it's not that exciting.