Monday, October 18, 2010

I did a good deed

The fact that I want so badly to toot my own horn probably just negates it, but I want to type this out as a reminder to myself on how great I feel right now.

I suggested my partner spend the evening attending a political debate for city councillor. Not the most titillating event, but one I knew he'd get a charge out of. This would be the equivalent of me having my monthly Mommy night. For some reason my partner doesn't get together with his buds anymore. Team sports are also passé. So the only 'thing' he has is watching sports and managing his various pools. And now he's back, happier than a clam. The kitchen is cleaned up, lunches are made, kids are bathed and in bed. Ahhhh, I ROCK.

As far as good deeds go, this is WAAAAYY down on the Mother Theresa Scale, but I feel really good about taking care of business and giving my partner the night off. Maybe other things are also making me feel good today too? Whatever the reason, I want to do more of it.

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