Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seething Mad

After hearing about the bail conditions placed on Alex Hundert (an alleged ring-leader of the violence that took place at the G20 demonstration in Toronto this past summer), I was overcome with anger. Telling my partner about it and seeing him react the same way just added fuel to our fire. The conditions go WAY BEYOND was is necessary to "protect public safety". No Internet communication, no expressing a political view, no talking to the media, no association with specific individuals (including his GF?)! All of this because he allegedly vandalized private property. He is clearly being made an example of in order to dissuade other activists. This is a complete abomination of his civil rights and I am utterly shocked that this can happen in Canada of all places. My partner and I decided to channel our anger into writing the Attorney General, who is being pretty tight-lipped about the whole thing.
But once again, here is the problem. I cannot write, especially when I am emotional about something. See for yourself, here was the opening of our 'letter':
"Alex Hundert's bail conditions, and overall treatment are preposterous. What country is this?"
How to write an eloquent letter of complaint that goes straight to the heart of the matter and shows that as a law-abiding (and voting) citizen you disapprove of your government and are demanding action? I need practice with this. Is there a course? Template? Help, someone!
IT-ish people just can't write. I see it all the time -- they have a deep-seated fear of writing and are too ashamed to admit it. I am obviously not ashamed to put my weaknesses out there in the blogsphere. Only I want desperately to change. Writing this blog is helping, but not fast enough (I'm all about immediate gratification, remember). Time to start taking some writing courses and finding inspiration from great writers.

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