Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Funny 'Cause it's True

Not sure how to describe my sense of humour -- wry, witty, dark? I'm pretty selective with what I find funny and rarely force myself to laugh. D says that I'm just too serious and need to laugh more. I'll take that. Trouble is, I don't go looking for humour. In fact other people's attempts to be funny usually just get on my nerves (I'm mainly talking about my partner here). But every once in a while I'm struck by something that is unbearably funny -- we're talking tears, rolling on the floor, about to pee your pants funny.

Here's such an example. About 10 years ago I was living near T.O. and when I'd take the DVP to head into downtown, I remember always being stressed about what road to take next -- the Gardner or Lakeshore, Gardner or Lakeshore ... which one is backed up? oh crap, I've got to make a decision quick, Gardner or Lakeshore, fucking hell, alright -- Lakeshore it is. I'd go through this rigmarole every single time I headed downtown. And sure enough, I'd always end up taking the wrong highway -- the one that was backed up with traffic. So one day while stuck behind a parade of parked cars, I looked out my window and saw a big billboard that read "You should have taken the Gardner". Holy shit! I laughed out loud -- I remember being all alone in the car but did I ever laugh and cry and laugh. I guess I found it funny because it was true. Ah -- just reminiscing about this incident is making me laugh again, lol.

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  1. We should go to Town together and not laugh together... or find something really funny to laugh about :)