Friday, October 15, 2010

Political Speak

I know that I'll probably never go further in my career than where I am right now because I am not a bureaucrat. I can't write or speak formally. In fact I can barely comprehend this type of communication. And yet, I want to know how its done. I was in a meeting the other day with people who speak this way. Someone asks a question and the answer sounds good, "Thank you Doreen. I'm glad you asked that question because I know that the user community has a keen interest in .... and our role is to ..... and it goes on and on and then my mind starts to wander about things you should not be thinking about at work :-P. But I digress. The long-winded spiel doesn't really answer the question. It's shrouded in management double-speak and leaves you wondering 'what was just said exactly?' Yet, no one is brave enough to speak up.

I don't think Toast Masters will help me with this one. Maybe I should spend time listening to CPAC or Meet the Press? Media training? I'm direct and cut straight through the bullshit which I think is a rare and beautiful thing (not so great in personal relationships though). But it wouldn't hurt if I could conduct myself in a more professional manner.

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