Monday, October 11, 2010

Fake Boobs

I've often fantasized about getting my breasts done but never really thought I'd go through with it until recently. I half-jokingly suggested it to my partner the other night and he was all over it. Within five minutes he was on the net doing 'research'. Saline vs silicone, what are the advantages of each? what feels and looks more natural? what about the cost? Ugh. I'm really torn about this. On the one hand I miss my breasts. Five and a half years (and still counting) of breast feeding and losing 35 lbs have really wreaked havoc on my poor little breasts. I love my girls, but I can't accept them as they are. I want to restore them to their former glory. I'm not talking about blowing them up to mammoth porn-sized knockers, just respectable C-cups.
The other part of me feels like a complete fraud for wanting this. Surely the money can be put to a nobler cause! How will it feel not being 100% me? Will I really like my body more with alien implants floating on my chest? What will I tell my daughter (or anyone else for that matter)?
Lastly, there's my partner. He's a little too enthusiastic about it. I appreciate his support, but what about loving me as I am? Hell, he would've made the appointment for me last night, had I suggested it. Ugh -- I can just picture his greedy paws all over my fake breasts. The boy is already insatiable. The fake breasts will turn him into a crazed pervert. And how will I look when I'm 80 years old with stacked tits?

I don't know. The fantasy is nice... But I've got some pretty kick ass padded bras, so why do I really want to do this? My partner will be devastated if I tell him that I've had a change of heart. Although I'll probably change my mind a hundred times and he'll just have to live with whatever I decide. Right now, I'm still the 'milk lady', so the boob-job will have to wait. xx


  1. You crack me up! Go you and your fake boobies :) do it if you want, I'll probably even be jealous. You can always take them out when you get old (in fact, I believe you need to redo them every 10-15 yrs anyway).

  2. It's on hold indefinitely. Not sure what I was thinking? The boy's enthusiasm was really pissing me off -- he even suggested we go to Mtl since that's where most strippers come from so there are probably deals to be had! Btw, it's me who is jelly -- you have the most bodacious ta-tas I've ever seen Steph!

  3. *snif* 3 years ago I would have agreed with you about my boobies, but after almost 3 yrs of BFing (yes, STILL) they are not nearly as perky. Poor bubbies :(

    I get what you're saying about D being overeager. I'd probably be unimpressed by that. Be supportive without going overboard.

  4. OMG -- good for you! I remember a certain someone telling me how gross it was to BF a toddler ... :-)
    Check out the research I caught him doing :
    This guy is in Ottawa and let me warn you, the pics are VERY convincing. I could spot my little boobies in there right away and WOW-ZAS ... the after pictures are incredibly real looking. So now I'm thinking about it again, but I don't have an extra cent to spare now that we are going solar. So it will have to wait -- 40th b-day present?

  5. I still think it's gross to BF a toddler LOL j/k... I seriously can't wait for him to stop though. I've been beyond done for a year now... Holden has other plans. Bah!

    My boobs are now like #5 BEFORE pic LOL

    What's this about you going solar?!

    A 40th bday present is a great idea. Something to make the new era a little less depressing!