Friday, October 8, 2010

Refuse to complain for 3 weeks. When you catch yourself begin your 3 weeks over again. You will find that you complain about the same thing repeatedly

More uplifting advice here. I'm drawn to this in particular because I have a heavy heart. I find myself repeating the same patterns of complaining, blaming, judging at work ... making excuses instead of just making the best of it. This is not how I want to live.
Didn't I promise to check my storm cloud at the door once I was back at work? My partner recently told me that he hates having to listen to things he has zero interest in. No kidding! My work is my thing and I shouldn't bore him to death with the politics of my office. He certainly doesn't subject me to it. But come on, I'm female and I need to talk in order to feel better. Talking is one thing, but complaining ALL THE TIME is pathetic and when I really think about it, complaining just makes me feel worse instead of better. Change, leave or accept D.

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