Friday, July 22, 2011


When I heard myself go off on how miserable camping is the other day I couldn't help but wonder why we subject ourselves to this misery. I detest the planning (even though I am a planning freak), the packing, bugs, sweat, grime, discomfort, boredom. It's really not fun. But I know why we do it -- it's the challenge that I enjoy. Sometimes I feel like we are too soft in the city. We need to get away from the comforts of home, even if it's for 3 days a year. We need to connect with nature and disconnect from our amenities. Really, the best part about camping is pulling into our driveway and stepping into our beautiful home after three days of 'roughing it' in the bush. I love the feeling of gratitude that washes over my entire being. Any complaints I have about how messy and run down our house is are instantly replaced with an immense gratitude for a hot shower, comfy bed, clean clothes and yummy supper. It'd be nice if I could just skip the camping and jump straight to the gratitude. I certainly try, but it's not the same feeling as depriving yourself of pleasure and then rewarding yourself afterwards. So that's why we are camping -- it's tough medicine, but it's worth it!

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