Monday, July 25, 2011

My story - decade #3

I'm not having as much fun journalling my life as thought I would mainly because there's not a lot to say -- nothing memorable stands out. My life looks pretty dull and ordinary. But who knows, the process might give me insight. My twenties were both glorious and heart-breaking. I landed a job as a computer programmer for a high tech giant that gave me the best training and experience a 22 year old could ever hope for. Even though I aspired to be a business analyst, I was told that I needed to do time in the trenches before moving up and for whatever reason, I still haven't landed that dream BA job. At about that time I broke up with my first love to be in another serious relationship with a fellow business student. He was a small town, white bread, adorable, super friendly and sensitive guy and we had instant chemistry. But I was too young to live with my boyfriend in a new city with no other friends. And he was an intimacy junkie that lost interest as soon as the shimmer of new love wore off. It took me a full year to get over our break-up. And of course, the most painful experiences teach us the most. I mourned the loss of our future more than I did our relationship -- marriage, a house and kids. I thought the fighting and lack of intimacy was normal and was so fixated on the prize at the end that I could not see the relationship crumbling before me. I took my relationship baggage and started a new -- travelled, got my own place, learned a new technology, developed new interests, dropped 30 lbs and moved back to my hometown. I partied hard -- dated a lot of scrubs before meeting my partner. By then I was ready to trust again. He was the stability that I needed and we spent lots of time playing vb, golfing, running, cooking. He was and still is my #1 activity companion. My career was in full bloom during the high tech boom. I was an over-priced consultant livin' high on the hog in my very own house. Got married a few months before turning 30 and finally believed that happily ever was possible

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