Sunday, July 24, 2011


I've been reading a book that strongly recommends journaling your personal history in order to gain some insight on patterns you may not be aware of. It suggests writing about major events in each decade and how they affected me -- when did I feel loved, cherished, angry, betrayed, fully seen and heard? What type of people keep popping up in my life? Who has really influenced me and how? And how have certain parts of my life affected how I carry out my life now?

It can't hurt, although I think my life is pretty nondescript. Thankfully I have not known any real tragedy. Nor have I ever had to do without. I am truly blessed. Writing out my personal story should also give me a better appreciation for all that I've been through. This book even promises a profound sense of self-love. Might as well jump start any therapy I'm headed for. :-)

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