Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The fire under my ass

So today I finally did it -- I created a master work plan for all the work I've been procrastinating about for months. Granted, I was kicking and yelling all the way, but if felt good to finally have 'a plan'. No more pissin' in the wind. We now have a plan to measure our lack of progress against. Even with the generous estimates I basically pulled out of my ass, we will start being behind three weeks from now. I can hardly wait to be shamed by my very own plan (thank you for the cynicism (you know who you are)).

Interesting how this also relates to my conversation about nagging. I was not motivated to do this -- it took my manager and her colleague coming down hard on me to force me into action and sadly the embarrassment worked. But I love planning. I'm good at it. However, I think that I procrastinated so long because I know we have no focus on our team. When the plans are long range, the priorities change daily, and there's no mgmt support, there's just no point planning anything. Better to just arrive at the office and see what lands on your desk. Seek satisfaction in putting out little fires, conjuring up some recycled IM advice and being your client's hero. Throw in a fabulous lunch, a few power breaks and call it a day. That's what I expect out of my career. And what's wrong with that?

I guess now that the plan is done, I can be a little more organized about my work. Next time I get asked to do something last minute that is beyond my responsibilities, I can just hold up the plan and say "sorry, we need to stay on target here". Gawd, I'm a bitch (again, I know who to thank for encouraging me to let it shine). xx

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