Monday, May 2, 2011

You're all about the technology

What is it about committed relationships that compels us to label oneanother? This is what my partner said to me the other night when I tried to strike up a conversation about how social media has and will change the electoral process for the better. Rather than chiming in with his own observation, he immediately dismissed my viewpoint and accused me of "always" wanting to marvel at technology. Well he's right -- it's one of my interests. I am witnessing one of the most profound changes to human interaction, knowledge acquisition, self expression, activism, hell even sexuality ...ALL BECAUSE OF TECHNOLOGY. There is so much to discuss here, how can you not be even the slightest bit intrigued? But it's not that my partner doesn't share my passion that irks me, it's that he mocked me in the same way parents chide their kids -- "that's so typically Ian, the conspiracy theorist". Errrr, it gets my goad. We don't do this with any of our friends.  It's condescending and I hate it. Marriage is basically a license to treat each other like shit. Again, I'm a hypocrite for accusing my partner for labeling me -- I call him cheap, an engineering nerd, an environmental nut-case, and yes even a conspiracy theorist junkie. Once again, grace is giving me the golden rule sign. Having my ideas so glibly dismissed pissed me off enough to see that this too must change. So many great opportunities for little improvements. Everyday.

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