Monday, May 2, 2011

WTF Canada?

I had a sinking feeling that today would be depressing, but I had no idea just how disastrous the election results would be. Voters basically signed us up for another four years of contempt, misappropriation, lies, cover-up, influence-peddling, coercion, bullying, over-spending, ... I'm so drunk right now I can't even think of more adjectives.

How could this be true? What were voters thinking? I'm afraid of the future. Gawd, I'm afraid of losing my fucking job FFS! I can't even find that silver lining. Balanced budget, moving more to the centre, being more accountable ... yeah right. What can I do about this now other than sulk and drink some more? Nothing. It's over. I'm so disengaged that I don't ever want to hear about politics until 2015. Maybe that's why voters did this -- now I get it, they were already fed up and did not want to hear about another election for four more years. Life sucks.


  1. Well, worst case scenario he'll fuck up so bad that we won't see another Conservative government for decades to come. Best case scenario the NDP and or the Liberals get their act together, get a good leader (Liberals), engage the public, get stronger, and keep Harper somewhat in check.

    I'm totally worried about what this MONSTER will do though. I'm so upset with Canadians. They have NO IDEA what they have done.

  2. I hear ya -- given 'em enough rope they all say. A friend of mine put it very well on FB: "Watch out for more unchecked power to be concentrated in the mysterious PMO, the marginalization of the working poor and the middle class, and the chipping away of over a century of progress towards a just society. Fear won out, and contempt has been rewarded." Will it be as bad as this? I hope not. Services will be cut, health care will be eroded, the public service will shrink, military spending will rise, the arts will die. All of this can be reversed -- but the environment will not recover. One thing's for sure, this election has forced me to get engaged. I'm not waiting another four years to learn about the issues. I'm going to hold this gov't to account, albeit from social media. Casting one vote last night was not enough. Grass roots, here I come.