Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More on Nagging

It's my responsibility as a parent to nag my kids when it comes to teaching them to be respectful to others and to work hard. I was reminded of this today -- instill good work habits early on and a prosperous future is pretty much guaranteed. And yet it seems so unnatural to keep motivating my kids to do their school work, practice their piano and read. I've said it a million times before -- I hate to hear myself nag. Ideally I want them to be motivated by the task. I want my son to run to the piano and be so engrossed in his book that he can't put it down. Sure I don't mind reminding them of their obligations -- they are kids after all. But the coercion, threats, bribes, yelling. These are things I want to avoid.

I think I take for granted how hard my parents worked to get me where I am. I was one of those kids who as my mothers often says "had to be pushed". I day-dreamed a lot. I took forever to do anything. I just didn't see the point to school. My mother had to watch me do my homework everyday or it wouldn't get done. I was paid for every A I brought home and I was terrified of getting anything less than a B. I don't want this for my kids. You cannot sustain motivation by offering external rewards. But then again, somehow it worked. I developed good study habits and a strong work ethic. My mom stopped nagging me about school and found other things to get on my case about. :-)

Again, it's about balance. I owe my kids my best. The future is so much brighter if you are educated. Time to let my inner nag shine. I'll keep it under wraps for my partner, but I'll give my kids all that I've got. xx

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